Five main points to take into account

This neo-colonial parliamentary system of Nepal is a part of capitalist post-imperialist world system. This system is horrendous. This is fostering nurturing neo-colonial comprador political power in Nepal and all oppressed nations in the world. This system leads the people nowhere but horrible destination, the destruction of people's right, sovereignty and democracy.
This comprador capitalist parliamentary system has to be overthrown with a replacement of another system, a system which is incomparably superior to the present one, where there will be complete abolition of any kind of exploitation over human being by human. This is Scientific Socialism.
Overthrowing of this system is possible. This epoch making act demands ideologically, politically, organisationally a disciplined and a sound party of the communist. This kind of party that is equipped with historical dialectical materialism, scientific socialism and socialist economic system which in sum is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism can lead such revolution.
This party to lead revolution in Nepal and advance to scientific socialism is Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), and its leadership, the cadres and the proletarian internationalist people whose glorious struggle in this country has made several leaps, breakthroughs and also passed through many catastrophes have taken up this historical responsibility. This party has a revolutionary line, strategy and tactic to lead communist revolution.
This line, the strategy and tactic for the scientific socialist revolution to accomplish in Nepal is the strategy of Unified People's Revolution.